Since 1st of October 2016 the company Ramseier Normteile GmbH represents the products of the company DESOI in Austria and Hungary.

Strong rotation with DESOI

Thread unscrewing units from DESOI

Thread unscrewing units are prefabricated assemblies that are adapted to customer-specific applications. There are thread-unscrewing units in electrical and hydraulic version on the market for over 10 years. Since its inception, Desoi GmbH has been the manufacturer and patentee of the thread unscrewing units. If a thread is to be demoulded in a plastic component, then this is a cost-effective and simple solution with high reproducibility. The thread unscrewing units can be attached directly on or in the tool. They are powered by the existing hydraulics of the injection molding machine.

The electrical variant with modern servo technology and coordinated controller is the solution for electric injection molding machines. The procedural path is preset by means of a guide thread produced by Desoi for the customer and adapted to the article. The control of the movement can be effected by the signals from the core pull control of the injection molding machine for example. Due to the fixed stop on the tool side, a high repeatability and reproducibility is achieved. The guiding threads are rotatably arranged in most thread unscrewing units, so the start of the thread can be adjusted. If an identical article is to be produced with different threads in the same tool, the guiding thread set, which are available as accessories, can be exchanged. Optional an active core cooling is available for the thread unscrewing units, which influences and reduces the cycle time and ensures an improvement of the thread quality. Thus a more cost-effective production with a higher application rate is possible.

Special solutions

Thanks to a modular system and many successfully implemented projects with customers from different branches, we are able to implement customer-specific solutions and special variants in the shortest possible time. Also spare parts can be delivered as soon as possible, even in the case of special solutions. If there are no suitable solutions for you belonging our  standard versions, please contact us and let us know the desired requirements.


  • Modular system
  • Easy Solution
  • Reduced construction effort
  • Fast spare parts supply
  • Interchangeability
  • Flexibility (for exmple: same article with different pitch, exchange of guiding threads)

An innovation for the tool and mold making

VIDEO DESOI thread unscrewing units:

Your contact persons:

From now on, we can provide you with documentation or CAD data for the various applications. Your contact persons, which have been familiar to you for years, are at your disposal!

Werner Bernard
+41 (0) 79 822 66 19
Gebiet: Vbg.

Franz Janousek
+43 (0) 664 13 05 069
Gebiet.: Wien, NÖ, OÖ

Karl Neuhold
+43 (0) 664 53 24 842
Gebiet: ST, Bgld, Ktn,
Ost.u. Südt.

Morten Christensen
+43 (0) 664 88 22 7423
Gebiet: Sbg., Tirol

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